The 1966 world cup final, 50 years on.

The 1966 world cup final, 50 years on.

30 July 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of England winning the 1966 World Cup. To celebrate we've created an animated short that reveals 5 things you didn't know about England's greatest triumph. 


We wanted to engage with this legendary occasion in a new way and explore new perspectives, and we didn't just stop with developing new angles on the action visually, we used the film to explore interesting stories and reveal facts that are still little known, despite the 1966 final being one of the most famous sporting events in history!

Employing modern high production values, such as slow-motion, close-up and multiple camera angles which were not available at the time, we were able to deliver a dynamic new perspective on the dramatic events of the day.

The players earned in a year what today’s players earn in twenty five minutes.

We were sensitive to the iconic status of the match and strove to strike a balance between retro and contemporary. The film uses elements of 3D modelling, 2D animation and stop frame effects and references Kodachrome colour footage from the day, to create that unmistakable 60's feel.

The 1966 final was the only England match The Queen has ever attended.

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